Metalurg Donetsk – Shakhtar Donetsk

Lucescu’s band will play local derby with Metalurg, the game will be played on Saturday at 18:30.

Metalurg Donetsk is in 7th place with 13 points. After the start of the championship less great at home, while Metalurg scored only one point, followed three wins, the team’s Sergey Tahuev golurii scoring at least two in each of the 3 games. Within just three days, Metalurg meets the most awarded bands in Ukraine after midweek lost 2-3 against Dynamo Kiev Cup.

Shakhtar Donetsk is situated in a situation that has never been put in recent years that, after 10 rounds elapsed, finds himself on the podium. ,, The miners’ ranks fourth, 4 points leader. In the last two away Premier League, Shakhtar was like unrecognizable being beaten so Dnepr, and the Karpaty. Moreover, each of the two teams each scored 3 goals in the goal defended by Pyatov, respectively Kanibolotsky. I must say that this week, Mircea Lucescu became the longest-serving coach on the bench Sahtiorul, he took over the position of head coach on May 16, 2004. The perfect gift for novel technician would be a victory in Saturday’s match. Otherwise, Lucescu is in danger of being dismissed. If that happens, which is unlikely, it is rumored that Galatasaray has prepared an offer for Roman. We believe however that these are only speculations of the press in Romania, who often invents topics only in order to sell.

Last season, Shakhtar defeated Metalurg 4-0 both home and away. Now, given the form shown by the two teams, it doubts that it will also record a difference. Metalurg won the last point in confrontation with his opponent on Saturday there was even the Donbass Arena on 27 September 2008. Today’s game will be Sergey Boyko, who has judged her Metalurg Donetsk in the championship, in the draw obtained in the field own against those of Karpaty.